Dami releases new single ‘Smile’ and launches #MakeYouSmile!

Dami has released her brand new single ‘Smile’  (which you can pick up on iTunesSanity and JB Hi-Fi) and in celebration she has launched a campaign to bring happiness to others via #MakeYouSmile. Through small gestures of kindness, Dami will be bringing a smile to people’s faces and is encouraging her fans and the wider public to do the same.

‘Smile’ was written on a cold winter’s day in Solna, Sweden with renowned song-writer collective, ‘The Kennel’. As Dami explains, “After what felt like hours of walking through thick snow and climbing slippery hills on a freezing day in Sweden, I finally got to the recording studio to write with a group of talented people. After such a crazy adventure I’m so glad we focussed on staying positive and the result was this feel good, joyful and uplifting song.  ‘Smile’ is about not taking things too seriously, being optimistic and helping others to do the same. I really hope that in some way it has a positive impact on people’s lives, and that is the reasoning behind the #MakeYouSmile campaign. Please get involved!”

The infectious track conveys a beautiful message, suggesting that You gotta do all of them things that make you smile… Redefine what it is that really makes you happy.” Coupled with Dami’s beautiful nature,  Smile’ is the perfect track to launch herself in 2015.

Multi-platinum selling Dami Im’s incredible diversity and musicality combined with her powerhouse vocals, makes for an individuality that is impossible to dislike.